Inspired by his high-speed ride in a Richard Petty NASCAR stock car, award-winning novelist and sportswriter Robert Lipsyte has crafted an exciting and compelling novel about a teenager in a dedicated stock car family, in the book Yellow Flag. Unlike the rest of his family, this young teenager’s life is harshly divided by his love of music and his family’s intense need for him to drive their race car.

Each chapter takes the reader inside the soul of this young man, and the angst he suffers through the pull-and-tug of his daily life. It also highlights the tough competition, excitement, and unique challenge of stock car racing throughout the season. The characters leap to life right off the page, and take the reader inside the stock car as young Kyle competes, and ponders which choice he will make.

HarperCollins Publishers, ISBN-10: 0-06-055707-9
Harper Collins Publishers, ISBN-10: 0-06-055708-7