Author: Bob Gates

Who better to write a biography about the famed Bill Vukovich than author Bob Gates, who followed Vuky’s remarkable racing career from his early days of midget competition through his upward march to the illustrious Indianapolis 500?

Based on years of research by Gates, it covers Vukovich from his first roadster race at the age of 17, to his death at Indianapolis in 1955.

“There was a unique talent in Vuky,” writes Gates. “He would dance his race car right on the edge of control all through the corners, and analyze the ebb and flow of traffic.” That he did, with a skill unmatched by some of the finest drivers in the sport.

Although Vukovich was a quiet, definitely unflamboyant type, Gates has written such an in-depth version of his life and times that after reading this book, the reader will feel that they knew Vuky and his innermost thoughts, both in and out of the race car, and with his family. Gates spells out each compelling race in this racer’s life, including one of the most celebrated of events, and Vuky’s debut, in the 1948 Turkey Night Grand Prix at the now-defunct Gilmore Stadium in Southern California.

Recognizing his outstanding talent, Wilbur Shaw and 1925 Indy 500 winner Peter De Paolo urged Vukovich to compete at Indy in 1950, where he reached the top rungs of success.

“Vukovich” is 320 pages of compelling reading, enhanced with 260 black-and-white and color photos, many taken by Gates, detailing this legendary two-time Indianapolis 500 winner’s career.

But Gates doesn’t end there. Into those 320 pages, he also packs in many intimate details about the racing lives and careers of the two generations that followed Bill Vukovich – Bill, Jr. and Bill III.

For anyone who is a racing fan, and for the newcomer to racing, this book will give hours of reading pleasure about the man who was considered “the greatest driver who ever turned a wheel at Indianapolis.”


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