At last, a book about Tim Richmond, whose stellar auto racing career was quietly swept under the rug because of his untimely illness and too-soon death.

Noted racing reporter David Poole delves deep into the short but outstanding racing career of Tim Richmond, the charismatic — and very controversial — race driver who made fans stand up and notice every time he climbed behind the wheel of a race car.

Richmond’s flamboyant character sometimes overshadowed his racing skills, but he always made the headlines, whether he did well or poorly in his racing.

In this book, detailed stories which Poole culled with skill from Richmond’s family, crew chiefs, team owners and others, define for the reader how this Hollywood-style racer, a NASCAR outsider not from the South, took over this premiere stock car sport in his own inimitable style, and made it his own.

In only his 43rd career NASCAR start, Richmond captured his first victory in 1982, in a hard-fought 95 laps around the now-defunct Riverside Raceway roadcourse in California. In his prior races leading up to that win, Richmond solidly felt he should have won those, too, and almost did.

Never one to admit to defeat, he dazzled the fans at Pocono in July of 1986 when he wrecked his car and found it so damaged that it would not drive forward. Determined to gain victory, he whirled it around, backed it around the track, into the pit for repairs, and emerged to finally win that race.

The merger of Richmond and famed crew chief Harry Hyde spelled out victory, too. This odd matchup created more NASCAR history, and in 1987, with Richmond now extremely ill, he dominated the roadcourse again at Riverside and battled his way to the checkered flag in his final time behind the wheel.

This hardcover book is 208 solid pages of excellent reading and photos about a NASCAR race driver, who — had he lived — no doubt could have notched several Winston Cup titles into his records.

Available at bookstores around the United States, and also from www.SportsPublishingLLC.com.

ISBN: 1-58261-833-X