With colorful illustrations of racing action, author and illustrator Brian Floca has created a charming children’s hard-cover book titled “THE RACECAR ALPHABET.”

It’s a fascinating read for little ones who are learning their alphabet, starting out with “A is for Automobiles, machines on wheels…B is for Belts turning, fuel burning, the buzz and bark of engines…”

“THE RACECAR ALPHABET” covers a century of racecars, from bare
beginnings to present-day marvels, from a 1911 Marmon Wasp to a Chevy
Monte Carlo stock car, from Ford’s early 999 to Ferrari’s current F1-2001, caught in crackling action — delightful racecar illustrations that will truly attract a child’s attention, and in words that bounce and jounce for the fun of it.

From the inside of the cover, until the final page where Floca concludes with “Zipping, zigzagging with zeal and zig, a Victory Lap — Zoom!”, this toddler-friendly book is not only a fun read, but a highly educational and attractive way to teach children their basic A-B-C’s. Even Floca’s jacket illustrations are friendly, and fun. If a child is not a car nut when they first pick up this book, the young reader will be by the time they read the final page. This book is listed for ages 4-7, but it’s a sure bet that children even younger will find this a fascinating way to learn their alphabet.

From Simon and Schuster’s Children’s Publishing Division, this is one of the newest presentations from their Athenium Books for Young Readers.

Priced at $15.95 U.S. dollars, it is available in most bookstores. ISBN No. 0-689-85091-3.

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