By Kay Presto

Grab a large mug of your favorite beverage, settle into a comfy chair, strap on your seat belt, and be prepared to take some wild and exciting rides when you read Sowerby’s Road, Adventures of a Driven Mind. This book will take you on one exciting and interesting adventure after another, from setting world records to a variety of global travel. No matter what excursion it is, author Garry Sowerby makes each chapter extremely interesting, adventurous, and exciting from beginning to end.

“For most of my adult life,” says Sowerby, “my business has been involved in getting motor vehicles to and from the distant corners of the planet for one reason or another.”

As you read this book, you’ll almost feel as if you’re in each vehicle with Garry, whether it’s a bullet-riddled GMC Suburban truck while escaping from bandits in Kenya in a 74-day trip through 18 countries and 5 continents, or a simple six-hour drive to and from his dentist.

His engaging style of writing will take you through every excursion in great detail. In-depth, high-color photos enhance each of his colorful stories about his intense love — for new challenges, and for driving often where no one has dared to venture before.

Sowerby, co-owner of Odyssey International, Ltd., is a four-time world record-holder for long distance driving, has been featured on the cover of the Guinness Book of World Records, has conquered roads – and non-roads — all over the globe, smuggled a bookload of children’s books to Moscow schools and libraries, and even succeeded in his plan to put a car on top of Toronto’s CN Tower! There’s no stopping this adventurer, who conceives an “impossible to be done” plan each time, and then – with incredible chutzpah – makes it happen! He deals with high speeds to get from one country to another to set another record, and then does the reverse – driving at slower speeds to conserve fuel in a record-breaking fuel challenge!

How does he do these things? It’s in this book, cleverly told in a way that will
entertain everyone from automotive journalists to armchair travelers. Check out his record-breaking travels in the colorfully-illustrated map at the front of this paperback, and his carefully-scripted timeline for his stories at the book’s end.

There’s only one problem with this book; Sowerby’s 50 stories are finished all too soon, leaving a reader thirsting for more. Let’s hope there’s a Sowerby’s Road No. Two and beyond, as 25 years of four-wheel adventuring certainly leaves him with many more stories to tell.

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National Library of Canada Cataloging in Publication Data
ISBN 0-973358-0-7

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