By Kay Presto

In this charming book for young children, imagination soars when reading this African-American tale of Roy Makes a Car. It’s a fascinating short story about mechanic Roy Tyle, who vowed, and then proved, that he could make a “collision-proof car.”

Of course, everyone doubted him, but Roy proved that he was up to the task, creating his own turbocharged, floating-ride, stabilated, lubricated, banjo-axled, wing-fendered, low compression, noncollision car. This is an intriguing tale of how Roy Tyle outwitted the folks of the town, taking on one vehicle after another and proving they could not hit his “noncollision” car.

Based on a tall tale collected from the writings of legendary African-American writer Zora Neale Hurston, it is cleverly adapted further by author Mary E. Lyons. Bright and colorful dramatic illustrations by artist Terry Widener make this charming folklore truly come to life.

Suitable for children from age 4 to 8, this is a book that boys and girls will want to read over and over, chuckling at the cleverness of Roy Tyle, who, for all we know, may still be making noncollision cars today.

This delightful tome is from Simon & Shuster’s series of Atheneum Books for Young Readers.

ISBN No. 0-689-84640-1
Price $16.95
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