Lynn St James


Book Review, by Kay Presto

LYN ST. JAMES – An Incredible Journey

From the minute you pick up and read the introduction of Lyn St. James’ newest book, LYN ST JAMES: An Incredible Journey, you are inside the race car – seeing, feeling, experiencing — the excitement and tremendous challenge of being a race car driver.

In her unique descriptive style, Lyn takes you on a journey where you feel you’re racing right along with her. By the time you finish the first few lines of her intro, you’re already hooked into the exciting, frustrating, demanding, scary, challenging, and successful life that St. James carved out behind the wheel of a variety of race cars, traversing from her first embarrassing racing adventure to the dizzying heights of racing in the Indianapolis 500 seven times, setting a qualifying speed record there of 225.722 miles per hour, achieving the high honor of being the Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year, and so much more.

This is a book that you can’t put down; you’ll want to discover how this courageous woman laboriously – through years of hard work and gritty determination – climbed her ladder to racing success. St. James earned her way through a variety of racing series, honing her skills in every one, and moving ever closer to her desired goal – to race in the Indianapolis 500!

Despite being a woman, nothing was going to stop her from reaching her goal!

And then she got that ride in the Indianapolis 500 – but would her race car be ready in time? Would she make it through qualifying to be in that fabled race? Those chapters alone can hold you spellbound, hoping in your mind that she’d make it, and the valiant efforts put forth by so many racing personnel involved…

You’ll also finish the book knowing the inner workings of an Indy Car – and many other racecars — written in such a way that even a layman can understand.

This is not just a book for race fans; it’s a book that will take every reader on a dizzying adventure through one trial after another, coming away with pure admiration for what this gutsy woman has achieved – and is still achieving – in her remarkable life.

Indeed, it is — an incredible journey.


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