Supersonic speeds, hairpin turns, daredevil stunts! From the first page of this compelling book, author Matthew Reilly pulls the reader in with sizzling action, hair-raising twists and turns, and high-speed racing in unique air-suspended Hover Cars. Throughout the book, he takes us on a rollicking adventure with 14-year-old Jason, his Argonaut Hover Car, and 12-year-old Bug, Jason’s younger brother, who also serves as the Argonaut’s navigator and co-driver.

CRASH COURSE keeps the reader on the edge of their seat page after page, through breath-taking vistas of Australia, as Jason, Bug and the Argonaut take on hard-fought — and crafty – Hover Car competitors like well-funded Barnaby Becker, challenger Allesandro Romba, and the mysterious and sinister Black Prince, Xavier Xonora.

But someone joins in on their side – outspoken, but mechanically talented Sally McDuff — who joins Jason’s team as their mech chief, and one competitor they don’t mind racing against is the first woman Hover Car racer – Ariel Piper.

With these interesting teens in the mix, Reilly weaves a compelling tale of Hover Cars going through tense qualifying enduros, sprints and gate races at International Racing School in Tasmania, moving into hard competition, subterfuge, and breath-taking racing through menacing labyrinths, all in an effort to capture the cherished championship.

Illustrated by the deft skills of renowned graphic artist Pablo Raimondi, HOVER CAR RACER, CRASH COURSE is a book that will thrill not only the teens, but any reader who loves adventure and follows the swift driving of Jason, his Argonaut, and his young racing team.


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Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers
Ages 10 and up
ISBN: 1-4169-0225-2