For open-wheel racing aficionados who want to travel back down Memory Lane, FULL TILT! will be a valuable addition to their home libraries. It’s 234 pages chock-block full of 400 great black-and-white and color racing photos of sprint cars, midgets, and open-wheel cars selected from John Mahoney’s 30-plus years of covering this sport.

These photos were taken during the glory days when there were no high cockpits and few wings on the sprinters, so the reader can see the outstanding body English and action captured by the lens of ace photographer Mahoney as drivers competed on the historic and challenging dirt tracks across the country.

There are clever images of mud-slinging hot laps, hot competition, and over-the-fence shots, and Mahoney takes the reader right back to those compelling days of competition with his down-to-earth captions of the action displayed in each of these photos.

Who can forget names like Rich Vogler, Jan Opperman, Tom Bigelow, A. J. Foyt, Mario Andretti, Pancho Carter, Johnny Parsons, and hundreds of others from their early racing days? They, and dozens of other drivers who clawed their machines through the dirt to the checkered flag, are pictured in this hardcover coffeetable book.

There are plenty of action photos, but this book also shows dozens of close-ups of these famed men, and one woman, who campaigned so hard on the dirt.

At $45.00, this book is a must-have for all open-wheel lovers, and other race fans.

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