Children will giggle and chuckle when they read this nonsensical and colorful book by Tom Lichtenheld. He has a way of seeing things in a funny manner, in the perfect way to appeal to the fresh minds of small children everywhere.

This author calls this book “a collection of made-up facts, Educated Guesses, and Silly Pictures about Cars, Trucks, and other Zoomy things” and that’s a perfect description of what can be found between the covers of this charming new book.

He claims that horses invented the car so they could get some rest from hauling people around on their backs, thus the invention of “horsepower.” Lichtenheld’s imagination really runs wild with his hilarious drawings of family cars, like the one showing a “brake shoe,” a “box of gears,” and other such nonsensical descriptions.

Kids even have a description of a car they would design – separated of course by an Adult Zone and a Kid Zone in that car. Lichtenheld likes to draw goofy-looking vehicles, and adds a page or two in this book teaching children how to do the same. No actual soup is used in a “souped-up car,” he says. He even takes on the huge work machines, like backhoes, graders, and dump trucks.

“Once you’ve made up a whole bunch of cars,” Lichtenheld tells his youthful 4-to-6-year-old readers, “you’ll have fun wherever you go.” And the young readers of this clever book will have fun no matter what pages they’re reading. If your young’un likes cars of any type, they will definitely enjoy this book, which will send their imagination soaring.

This is another reading addition to the Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers.

$16.95 U.S.
$24.50 Can

This book is available in bookstores and on Amazon.com.