In a wonderful collaboration combining their love for cars of all types, author Ken Owen, president of Racers for Christ, and automotive artist Dave Chapple, who wields a clever brush to create stunning colorful scenic illustrations of cars through the decades, “CRAZY ABOUT CARS” is a definite must-read for all car lovers.

Throughout the book, Owens spells out his intense love of cars from the age of thirteen to the present, describing, like any typical boy growing into man, the various cars that touched different stages of his life.

This book deftly touches on such subjects as Cars as Fine Art, tinkering with cars and tools, the need for speed and building more power, people and automotive events, car clubs, and more.

Carefully placed throughout the chapters are clever quotes, interesting quizzes (such as: Match the following movie or television program with the vehicle in which it appeared), automotive facts, revealing “Did you Know? inserts, and more.

In 10 short, but interesting chapters, “CRAZY ABOUT CARS” takes any person who loves “wheels” on a wonderful read through automotive time, and will no doubt bring back the reader’s memory of his or her own love of cars while growing up, and the impact it had on their own life.

Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, OR 97402.
ISBN #0-7369-1064-6