Movie Review: McLaren

McLaren (the movie) Review by Larry Mason, June 2017 Copyright © 2017 Larry Mason The latest documentary chronicling the successful career, and ultimately tragic demise of a superstar race car driver, should be on every true racing fan’s list to see. Bruce McLaren was not only a winning race car driver – in fact the youngest ever to win a Formula One grand prix at the age of 22, but he also became a legendary race car designer, constructor and champion in a car bearing his name before his untimely death at the age of 32. The McLaren name is synonymous with success, and continues to make hearts beat faster to this day. The story tells about the physical challenges McLaren experienced as a youth growing up in New Zealand and depicts how he works his way to the top of the racing world as a driver and race car [...]

  Book Review, by Kay Presto LYN ST. JAMES – An Incredible Journey From the minute you pick up and read the introduction of Lyn St. James’ newest book, LYN ST JAMES: An Incredible Journey, you are inside the race car – seeing, feeling, experiencing -- the excitement and tremendous challenge of being a race car driver. In her unique descriptive style, Lyn takes you on a journey where you feel you’re racing right along with her. By the time you finish the first few lines of her intro, you’re already hooked into the exciting, frustrating, demanding, scary, challenging, and successful life that St. James carved out behind the wheel of a variety of race cars, traversing from her first embarrassing racing adventure to the dizzying heights of racing in the Indianapolis 500 seven times, setting a qualifying speed record there of  225.722 miles per hour, achieving the high honor of [...]