July 9, 2018 —

Two weeks after the victory in the third round of this year’s Endurance Championship Nürburgring (VLN), the #31 Frikadelli Porsche again took the chequered flag in first place. Norbert Siedler (A) and Lance David Arnold (Duisburg), the winner of VLN leg 3, started from pole position, took the lead and brought their Porsche 911 GT3 R home in front after the four-hour race. In the #30 sister car, Sabine Schmitz, Klaus Abbelen (both from Barweiler) and Felipe Laser (Leipzig) experienced some very intense fighting for positions and ended the race in fifth place, equalling the car’s finishing position from two weeks before.

Both Frikadelli Porsche laid the foundation for this success in qualifying. Norbert Siedler opened the 90-minute session with a 7:56.644 m lap in the #31 car, thus posting the current season’s fastest VLN qualifying lap time overall. Felipe Laser in the #31 car had to wait until his third attempt to find a reasonably clear track and then lapped in 8:00.601 m. At that time, his lap was the second fastest. In the end, it was good enough for third on the grid. Both drivers also did the start stint in their respective cars.

“I went out right at the beginning of the qualifying and that was a smart move,” said Seidler.”There was hardly any traffic, the Dunlop racing tyres worked perfectly and so we ended up on pole position. Consequently, I started the race in front and was able to hand over the Porsche in first place. So I guess the first stint couldn’t have worked out any better. The second stint also ran very well and I was able to push. The Porsche’s balance stayed perfect during the entire race.”

“My qualifying lap and third place on the grid were extremely satisfying, added Laser. ” At the start, I was wedged in by two Ferraris coming up from behind. During the first lap, I had an intense fight with Frank Stippler in the Audi. And when you follow another car very closely your car’s aerodynamics are inevitably compromised. My second stint was exciting, too. After a strong out lap I reckoned forth place was safe. But then two cars re-entered the track in front of me and I was stuck in a fighting group once again. In the last but one lap, I was able to get the better of Frank Stippler and opened up a good gap. Then I came up to a group of slower cars, the advantage was gone and on the Döttinger Höhe the Audi passed me due to its higher top speed. However, I think we can be happy with fifth place.”