April 16, 2018 —

Frikadelli Racing finished Sunday’s six-hour qualification race for the 24-hour season highlight with a tearful and a joyful eye. The #30 Porsche 911 GT3 with Alex Müller (D), Porsche Young Professional Matt Campbell (AUS) and Klaus Abbelen (D) took a fine 13th place. The #31 sister car with Norbert Siedler (A), Marco Seefried (D) and Felipe Laser (D), however, took pole position for the Top 30 qualifying but retired after only 30 minutes into the race. Seefried was hit by another car that spun while being lapped.

A Frikadelli Racing car was fastest in the first qualifying session o Friday night. Norbert Siedler marked a 8,16.758 min lap for the Grand Prix circuit plus the Nordschleife. Since the track was still wet from the night’s rain on Sunday morning for the second session, the Austrian’s time remained unbeaten. Siedler not only took pole for the qualifying shoot-out but also secured a slot for the vital Top 30 qualifying for the 24-hour race as well as the all-important “Blue Light”. This light informs slower competitors that one of the top cars is approaching from behind. Later on Sunday morning, Felipe Laser posted the seventh fastest time in the Top 30 quali, still hindered by the drying track. Alex Müller in the #30 sister 911 marked the 15th fastest lap on Saturday night (8,21.023 min), Matt Campbell confirmed this position on Sunday morning.

Marco Seefried took the start turn in the #31 Frikadelli Porsche and fought in the leading group when he was taken out of the race by another competitor after only 30 minutes. A car he was about to lap in the track section Wippermann spun and hit Seefried’s Porsche. The collision meant the end of the race for Seefried and his team mates Norbert Siedler and Felipe Laser.

In the #30 Frikadelli car Matt Campbell drove the first stint and handed the car over to Alex Müller after five laps as scheduled. The German drove eight laps and returned the car in 14th position to the Australian. 21 and 29 laps into the race, they swapped places again. For the final stint, team owner Klaus Abbelen entered the cockpit on lap 35. After six laps, he brought the Porsche 911 GT3 R home in 13th position.